The house was built about the turn of the century by Hawarden businessman Proctor Maynard with brick from the Calliope brick yard. It was used as a hospital from 1933 through 1936 and was then converted into a private home with 2 living quarters. The house was purchased by the Slife family in 1983 and then deeded to the City to be used for the use of the Historical Society. Restoration was started in 1985 by Jerry Klemme and Bruce Waterman, with a contribution from the City and with the balance paid by the Slife family with some assistance from the Historical Society.


All woodwork and floors in the library room, living room, and dining room are original. Some walls were patched and others replaced. All windows were completely disassembled and repaired. The original appearance of the house has been maintained including the building of the steeple which had been completely removed.


All rooms were decorated under the direction of LaVonne Slife. Furnishings and all items were volunteered by loan or donation in-recognition of local families.


In the living room there are 3 items (bookcase, fainting couch, and rocking chair) and in the dining room there are 2 items (lamp table and kerosene lamp) that are all original pieces used in the home when it was built. Items had been in storage for some time and had to be rebuilt and reupholstered, which was accomplished by the efforts of Jeri Brewington at the expense of the Maynard Family.