Oral Histories

What is Oral History?  Oral history is the account given by a person of events earlier in their life.  We all have stories to tell, stories we have lived. Oral history listens to these stories.  Several oral histories were recorded in the early 1980’s by the Historical Society.  Most of the histories are memories from the late 1800’s thru the late 1930’s. Click here to get more information on each of the histories.  If you would like a transcript of any of the histories, send us an email.

Nels Anderson & Julius Baker

David Brunskill & Wesley Ruttan

John Finnie

Warren Gregg

Alpha Lake

Lewis Meeter

Mathias Schon

Gilbert Shoemaker

Jennie Shriner

Anna Smith

David Stone

Wendell Sumner

John E Tilgner

Myrna Ver Hoef

Reverend Donald Walton

The following 10 histories, totaling 6 hours, were recorded by Proctor Maynard.  The recordings cover his family’s history and his view of Hawarden from after the Civil War to the early 1930’s.

Proctor Maynard 1.1

Proctor Maynard 1.2

Proctor Maynard 2.1

Proctor Maynard 2.2

Proctor Maynard 3.1

Proctor Maynard 3.2

Proctor Maynard 4.1

Proctor Maynard 4.2

Proctor Maynard 5.1

Proctor Maynard 5.2